28 September 2023

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Muscle aches and pains such as arm pain, leg pain, or back pain can occur to people of all genders and ages, especially those of working age and the elderly, making many people interested in Thai massage. Which massage can be divided into many types But Thai massage It is equally popular. With its uniqueness and traditional weight-bearing method. Not only Thai people but also foreigners are interested in Thai massage.

What is Thai massage?

Thai Massage is a form of massage that originated in Thailand and is rooted in Thai tradition and culture for thousands of years. Thai massage uses compression, pushing, pushing, and stretching to stimulate and balance the body. Including to increase energy and create relaxation for the massage recipient.

There are many types of traditional Thai massage and techniques used such as traditional Thai massage, massage using oils. Massage to relieve pain Massage the line system and glands, etc. Thai massage therapists often use their hands, elbows, ankles, and body to make the massage effective.

Thai massage is not only a treatment for pain or abnormalities in the body. But it is also a healing science that focuses on creating balance in the body, emotions, and mind. Thai massage is accepted and respected around the world for promoting health and relaxation for the general public.

  1. Oil massage
    It is a traditional Thai massage that uses natural oils as ingredients. The oil used is extracted and has a natural aroma. This type of massage helps to relax and reduce tension. Gives you relaxation and a refreshing feeling with the fragrance. It also helps nourish the skin and tighten it. Sometimes olive oil may be used. or coconut oil in massage.
  2. Relaxing massage
    It is a traditional Thai massage which stimulates various systems in the body such as the circulatory system. muscle relaxant and various bones Moreover, it can reduce muscle tension. and stimulate blood circulation.
  3. Foot massage
    It is a massage on the soles of the feet to balance the body and promote blood circulation. It is another subtype of Thai massage. Moreover, it also helps remove dead cells and various toxins from the body. Acupressure on the soles of the feet can also relieve symptoms of illness. or eliminate disease Because every point is related to a body system such as the stomach, eyes, heart, kidneys, etc. If you press on any area and feel pain, you can initially analyze whether that organ in the body is abnormal.
  4. Massage for athletes or sports massage
    It is a massage that is focused on people who engage in physical activity that uses a lot of strength and energy, such as exercise that causes muscle and bone problems. including fatigue Sports massage will make the muscles flexible. Relieves pain after playing sports Makes the athlete's body ready to compete in the next round.
  5. Line massage
    It is a massage that focuses on touching points in the body. To relax the body at joints and fascia or to relieve muscle inflammation at various points. It is a massage that has existed since ancient times and has been passed down to the present day. Although touching the lines is more painful than other traditional Thai massages. But the results are considered quite good.
  6. Fat burning massage
    It is a traditional Thai massage that focuses on reducing excess fat. They often use aromatherapy oils as key ingredients. It also helps relax the muscles. It can be said that plump girls or guys are very interested in this type of Thai massage.
  7. Massage using a compress
    It is a traditional Thai massage using herbal compresses, which mostly use various herbs. Compress on various points of the body. Helps reduce muscle pain and relieve stress, such as plai, kaffir lime skin, lemongrass, tamarind leaf, turmeric, each of which has different properties.